22 Turner

22 Turner Street was built by George H. Chapman in 1914.  Chapman purchased the lot in April, 1914 and the City engineer’s plan notes the house was connected to the City’s sewer system in June of that year.  The house was built in a simplified version of the Craftsman Style, an unusual choice in Portland.  A 1924 photograph shows the house had many Craftsman details including a deep, overhanging, roof, supported on brackets;  a second floor that extended beyond the first;  small paned windows;  and a projecting bay in the gable end, also on brackets.  The contrasting siding materials – clapboards at the first floor, shingles at the second ‑ were painted in different colors. 

When he built the house in 1914, Chapman was a draftsman at the Chapman Electric Neutralizer Co.  In case you are wondering….. an “Electric Neutralizer” was a machine guaranteed to remove static electricity created by cotton, silk, wool and paper mill machinery.  By 1936, Chapman was the assistant manager and he and his wife Mildred had moved to the suburbs of Deering.  It appears Chapman rented the property for several years before selling it to Richard and Margaret McCallum in 1945.

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